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Bellmay'sBellamy's Organic Apples, Figs and Oatmeal 4m+


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Bellamy's Organic Apples, Figs and Oatmeal 4m+


Organic oatmeal and fig apple puree is very delicious and portable, giving babies a mixed fruit flavor. Compared with eating fruit alone, this product is not only delicious, but the added organic oats and organic brown rice can continuously release energy and increase fiber content.


Suitable for consumption for 4 months or more


No artificial colors or fragrances

Quality raw materials

Australian origin

Certified organic food by NASAA and ACO

Transparent bag for easy preview

BPA-free packaging

Anti-suffocation safety cover


Allergen Information:

Contains oats (gluten).

May contain traces of milk and soy.



Organic Apple Juice (36%)

Organic oatmeal (20%)

Organic Apple Puree (16%)

Organic brown rice (13%)

Acidity regulator (citric acid, ascorbic acid)

Organic Cinnamon


Capacity: 120g