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HUNGRY TIGER 有機嬰幼兒純紫菜(10小包)
HUNGRY TIGERHUNGRY TIGER Organic Baby Seaweed (10 pack)


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HUNGRY TIGER Organic Baby Seaweed (10 pack)


The nutritional value of seaweed is very high and contains a variety of nutrients, including protein, calcium, fiber and various vitamins. The iodine content of laver is also quite high, and iodine (iodine) is an essential trace element. And enough iodine is an essential element to maintain the development and growth of young children.


[Hungry Tiger Organic Infant Pure Seaweed Special Solution?]


• 100% organic seaweed


• Contains natural iodine, which is especially important for the growth and development of children


• No added salt, specially designed for babies and children


• No added oil, healthier, and reduce the chance of oil odor


• Contains iron, vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, calcium and other minerals


• Suitable for children over 12 months old


• Main ingredients: 100% organic seaweed


• Suggested diet:


-Make seaweed rice balls


-Tear fine seaweed and mix into porridge or rice


-As a healthy and delicious snack



• Suitable for babies 12 months old or older

• Net weight: 2g x 10