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日本ANPANMAN 麵包超人 汽水機玩具
日本ANPANMAN 麵包超人 汽水機玩具
日本ANPANMAN 麵包超人 汽水機玩具
日本ANPANMAN 麵包超人 汽水機玩具

【New Arrival】 Anpanman Anpanman's Juice Bowl


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  • A great renewal with sparkling illumination like a real vending machine. The illumination lights up in 7 different ways to match the melody of March on standby, chatting, and Anpanman. You can choose from 3 different flavors of juice! When the juice runs out, you can open the spatula on the main unit and refill the juice. Put a coin to buy juice or touch a card to the touch panel to start the roulette to shine. After drinking juice, discard the empty cans neatly in the Ikinoman Trash Can and learn to man! After Anpanman's March melody, the Anpanman talk will help you get the results of roulette with the Anpanman chatting. Coins and cards can be stored neatly in your wallet
  • Set Contents: Main unit, Baikin-man trash can, 12 juices, 12 coins, cards, wallet, signs, 2 juice stickers (extra)
  • ■ Product Size: W7.5 x H14.6 x D4.7 inches (W190 x H370 x D120 mm) ■ Package Size: W11.8 x H13.8 x D6.7 inches (W3
  • ■Battery: 2 x AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
  • ■Recommended Age: 3 years and up