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 美國 GNC兒童複合維生素咀嚼片60粒 (2-12 歲)
GNCGNC MILESTONES™ Kids Chewable Multivitamin For 2-12 Years Old


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Chewable multivitamins for kids in delighting berry flavor

20 essential nutrients to support children’s health concerns i.e. growth, immunity & energy level

Suitable for 2-12 years old



Fill nutritional gaps & prevent nutrient deficiency (which may occur due to imbalanced or picky eating)

So children get sufficient nutrients for their optimal growth and development

Strengthen immunity

Don’t fall sick so often/less susceptible to common infections (cold, flu, fever)

Increase energy level & stress-coping ability

Have good energy level for growth, metabolism, learning, playing, etc.

Improve the body's ability to cope stress– making their daily activities more enjoyable


Direction of Use

As a dietary supplement, for children 2 years and older, take two tablets daily. For children 6 years and older, one additional serving can be taken daily or as directed by your pediatrician.