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Babyhk Baby Unsalted Calcium Udon (Original)


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Suitable for udon noodles for infants 7 months or older


In addition, the growth of infants and young children must be calcium


No salt, coloring, preservatives added




Wheat flour (domestic in Japan), eggshell calcium


This product contains wheat and egg ingredients.


*The production workshop produces products containing soba noodles and sweet potatoes at the same time


Production method


Use pot to cook


First prepare a pot of water and boil until it boils, pour the noodles into the pot, and cook for 7 minutes on low heat.


Pour it into a bowl and use a spoon or scissors to adjust the size of the noodles before eating.



Use microwave

Put it in a heat-resistant container (about 15cm in diameter and 7.5cm in depth), add 150ml of water and 20g of noodles


Use 500W to heat for 10 minutes.


Nutritional ingredients: (equivalent to 100g)


Calories: 358 kcal


Protein: 10.6 g


Fat: 1.7 g


Carbon water compound: 75.1 g


Amount of salt: 0 g


Calcium: 267 mg