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日本大王 GOO.N 游泳專用紙尿片 男孩12片裝( L)
日本大王 GOO.N 游泳專用紙尿片 男孩12片裝(XL)
GOO.NGoo.N - Boy Swim Diaper (12pieces)


Price Range

$ 93 - $ 98


Size (Diaper)


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product description:


Contents: 12 pieces


Suitable size: L size 9-14kg


Comfortable and close-fitting, wear when swimming/playing in the water, will not swell up or become heavier and affect the BB's play




Surface material: Polyolefin non-woven fabric


-Absorbent material: cotton-like pulp absorbent paper


-Waterproof material: polyolefin film


-Expandable material: polyurethane


-Adhesive material: styrene synthetic resin