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Ddrops 液體維生素D3 2000 IU (5ml)
Ddrops 液體維生素D3 2000 IU (5ml)

【New Arrival】 Ddrops® D3 2000 IU (5ml)


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2000 IU of purified vitamin D3. Suitable for adults, specifically designed for those who have been recommended a higher dose by their health care professional.

- Easy-to-use liquid drop. No need for sugary gummies or large capsules.

- Helps support immune function and the maintenance of bones and teeth.

- Made with only two naturally sourced ingredients, pure vitamin D3 and fractionated coconut oil.

- Free from preservatives, additives, artificial flavor, color and common allergens.


Health Authorities recommend that athletes with insufficient vitamin D blood levels may require up to 5000 IU of vitamin D a day for eight weeks to reach 40 ng/mL, then 1000 - 2000 IU daily of vitamin D for maintenance.


vitamin D3 + coconut oil

Pure vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). The vitamin D3 in Ddrops® is naturally sourced from lanolin (sheep’s wool). Don’t worry, the sheep are not harmed, but they did feel a breeze. Ddrops® products are classified as vegetarian, suitable for 'lacto-ovo' vegetarian use.



Fractionated coconut oil is used as a carrier to help your body absorb the vitamin D. This is what makes Ddrops® tasteless, odorless, and free from most common allergens.


How to use

1. Simply turn the bottle upside down to dispense just one drop.

2. Ddrops® products are designed to be dropped onto a clean surface, food item, or in a liquid rather than dropped directly into the mouth.


3. Once the drop is dispensed, return the bottle to an upright position, then store the bottle between 40°F and 85°F.